Deep Tissue Massage with Massage Gun

This treatment has all the benefits of a deep tissue massage but with the added benefits of Vibration Therapy with the use of a Massage Gun.  Muscles and connective tissue are manipulated and stretched to release muscular congestion and pain helping muscles function to their full potential, enhancing movement and performance.

A Massage Gun is a handheld device with interchangeable attachments, which percuss at a high frequency and low amplitude of movement.

The Massage gun is able to target specific areas, especially those that are hard to reach. The percussion action improves blood and lymph circulation allowing more Oxygen and nutrients get to the muscles. This benefits the muscles by reducing tension and stiffness, healing and preventing injuries, improving range of motion and relief from muscle pain, fatigue & post work-out soreness.

This massage is not only for sports people, it can be enjoyed by anyone experiencing everyday levels of stress and tension.

60mins £55

90mins £80